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2017, 4 channels HD video (color, sound) 

“N-Ja” is four gameplay videos. This work is a reaction to the various rumors on Japan's nuclear radiation issue. The game program was adapted from the popular game "Fruits Ninja.” Instead of cutting fruits, in the game, I cut a variety of mutant fruit, human parts, and nuclear bombs. The scenes in the game are Asakusa, Harajuku, Shibuya, and Shinjuku, which correspond to morning, noon, afternoon, and night. The music used are:Clair de Lune of Debussy, Symphony No. 45 Farewell - I. Allegro Assai of Joseph Haydn, Boléro/ ballet for orchestra of Maurice Ravel, and Violin Concerto  No 2 Op 7 In B minor of Niccolo Paganini.


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