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Unclear Wave

2021, Animation

A few years ago, my relatives and friends in China started to ask me about nuclear radiation pollution in Japan. They advised me to stay away from the Kanto area or to not eat the seafood. Curious as to why they would tell me this, I found out that the Chinese media reported the worsening state of nuclear contamination in Japan that resulted from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster. Those reports included unsupported claims presented along with photos of mutant animals and plants that were suggested to have been affected by nuclear radiation in Fukushima. However, this misinformation was not able to manipulate public opinion for long as it had been proven the photos of the deformed animals to have been fake. As having been personally affected by the repercussions of this misinformations proliferation, I became interested in creating my own take on fictional mutant lifeforms that are suggested to have been affected by nuclear pollution. 


 Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve continued this series of paintings about the relationship between people and the environment. The control of information is particularly serious in such disasters, and facts can easily be hidden or distorted. "How many victims are there" and "what is the real cause of the virus" are some questions I ask myself. In this feeling of an “Unclear Wave", I believe no one knows what the truth is.   

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