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Invisible Ark; Where is the Other Shore You Want to Reach?

Nimyu Solo Exhibition  

“Invisible Ark; Where is the Other Shore You Want to Reach?”

2022年3月5日(土)- 2022年3月27日(日)13:00-19:00 月-火曜休廊  TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY


This solo exhibition consists of three series of works, which are divided into the human, animal, and still life in terms of painted subjects. They are “Fruit and Leaves Series”, “Unclear Waves Series” and “Bone Skin Flesh Series”. During these years, people have felt both physical and psychological hardships due to the global pandemic. Physically, we were prevented from moving and confined, and psychologically, we were overwhelmed and frightened by all kinds of news and rumors. When “medical science" and "information", the two religions of modern society, let us down. How can we save ourselves? Where is our pāram?

The “Fruit and Leaves Series” uses sexual themes to suggest messages that are intentionally hidden, not openly discussed, or shared with others. The depiction of Adam and Eve is an appropriation of a classic master painting from art history. The cut-up composition, with a conscious dismantling of the original painting, thus intercepts a piece of the otherwise complete message. 

The second part is the series called “Unclear Waves”, which tackles the fake news about the nuclear leakage in Japan in recent years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve developed this series of paintings about the relationship between people and the environment. The control of information is particularly serious in such disasters, and facts can easily be hidden or distorted. In this feeling of an “Unclear Wave”, I believe no one knows what the truth is. 

The third series is “Bone Skin Flesh Series”, which are vanitas paintings, a common art genre since medieval times showing the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death. Bones and especially skulls are symbols of “memento mori” (Latin,  ‘remember you must die), which express the meaning of vanitas. In the series “Bone Skin Flesh”, I wish to use the imagery of engraved skin and bones to express “how information changes us in invisible ways”. This series is also an experiment in “how the combination of words and images form information and meaning” by changing the form of the subject and adding words, numbers, and symbols, based on hypothetical thinking. 

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